Models and criteria for choosing a children’s bed

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The Original Toddler Bed

Children love original and fun beds. Single beds come in all kinds of shapes that feed their prolific imagination: children’s car beds, Car or Frozen children’s beds, princess beds, beds in the shape of a boat or sleigh… These beds serve both as bedding and as a play item for the day, when he plays alone in his room

1. The convertible children’s bed

The child’s convertible bed has the significant advantage of growing at the same time as your child. Depending on the model, the convertible bed will accompany him from birth to about 6 years old, or even until adolescence. All you have to do is move or remove the various elements that make it up: height of the bed base, presence or not of the bars, length of the sleeping area, etc.

Convertible children’s beds take into account the needs of each age, to offer a suitable sleeping solution.

2. Children’s combi bed

The combined children’s bed is an evolving bed which, in addition, comes with different modules. For infants, the sleeping space is very limited, which makes the baby feel safe. But the piece of furniture also offers to exploit the space he will need later for sleeping.

The combined bed therefore offers storage space, a chest of drawers, a desk and sometimes an integrated changing table. As the child grows, these modules are removed to be placed elsewhere in the room.

The combined bed is usuallyplaced high, to access the mattress, you have to climb a ladder. This model, equipped with many drawers and storage, allows the development of the child and to keep aclean and tidy room. The combined desk bed is particularly practical, as it combines sleeping and desk in one piece of furniture.

3. The children’s bunk bed

Perfect for a bedroom shared by two young siblings or for twins, consider the children’s bunk bed ! This practical solution is particularly suitable for small bedrooms.

Children’s bunk beds allow everyone to have their own bed, without taking up too much space. If both children prefer the same place, you can find tips to make the other more appealing. You can add a bed tent or build a cabin, for example. The bunk cabin bed has also become THE star of children’s rooms! The bunk bed is the clever solution for each child to have their own space and bed without the risk of being embarrassed.

4. Children’s loft bed

Both fun and very practical in a small space, a children’s bed on the mezzanine will delight both the child and the parents! A model of children’s bed allowing you to sleep in height is often very popular with the youngest.

In addition, it allows you to save space and install a play area, a desk, a storage unit or even a small sofa below … You can also add a slide to the loft bed to make this bedding fun. Practical, this slide bed should make it easier for your child to wake up for trouble-free family mornings!

5. Cabin bed

Parents know it: children love to build treehouses! A children’s cabin bed is not only fun, but also a bed where the youngest feel safe. An original children’s bed will generally help at bedtime by making it more entertaining.

In addition, the cabin bed gives a very original decorative touch to your room! You can opt for an existing model or simply let your handyman talents express themselves, for a completely personalized bed. For a twin room or for a shared room, the bunk cabin bed will be perfect.

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