9 tips for redoing your bathroom yourself

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You’ve had the idea in your head for some time, but you still haven’t taken the plunge. Now is the time to take action and renovate the room dedicated to well-being in your home : your bathroom! To do this, you don’t need to hire an interior designer. All it takes is a little imagination and elbow grease to create the bathroom of your dreams. However, this lower cost renovation project requires a bit of organization. What are the main steps to follow to carry out this type of work ?

We give you 9 tips for redoing your bathroom yourself .

Tip 1: prepare your work plan

Before embarking on the total or partial renovation of your bathroom, you must carefully study your work project : what materials will you use? What is the available space? What colors would you prefer? What equipment will you keep or throw away? Just as many things you need to know because they will have a direct impact on your new bathroom.

Tip 2: choose optimal ventilation for your bathroom

The bathroom is the wettest room in your home. Good ventilation is therefore necessary to avoid bad odors and mould. The best solution is to install a VMC system (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) which ensures an overall renewal of the air. Another cheaper and simpler installation option is a mechanical air extractor.

Tip 3: empty the room

Objective: to sort out and prepare the ground for your future designer bathroom! This decluttering step is essential to measure the space you actually have. This involves removing furniture, sanitary equipment (bathtub, shower, basins or even bidets) and decorative elements that may hinder the execution of your renovation work.

Tip 4: install the new shower or bathtub

Do you want to replace your walk-in shower with a whirlpool bath or vice versa? If you have a small bathroom, opt for a shower with a corner shower which will take up less space. If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, then you can afford to install a built-in bathtub or a freestanding bathtub.

Tip 5: renovate the faucets in your bathroom

In order to best regulate the flow and temperature of the water, you should choose two types of faucets:

Taps for the washbasin: you can opt for a two-lever mixer for a vintage touch or a water mixer, more practical;

Faucets for the shower or the bathtub: mixer, simple mixer or even thermostatic mixer, there is something for everyone!

Tip 6: repaint your bathroom with a suitable paint

Good news for small budgets: it is possible to revamp your bathroom while keeping its a, thanks to a few coats of paint! To do this, choose a paint that is suitable for humid environments and resistant to mildew, especially if you plan to paint your shower walls

Repainting the interior of its double basins and its bathtub brings a fresh air to your bathroom. Remember to choose colors that match the colors of your walls and floor. And above all, opt for a resin paint that will ensure adhesion and waterproofing.

Tip 7: choose the coating for the floor and the walls of your bathroom

Tiles, mosaics, ceramics, earthenware, vinyl, the variations of colors and materials for your walls and floors are endless! If you do not want to remove your tiles, you can cover it with colored resin, waxed concrete or PVC, which is more economical. Parquet lover? Choose exotic woods adapted to humidity such as teak, wenge or iroko.

Tip 8: Set up the new furniture

It’s time to build your new pond! Opt for a vanity unit with drawers for more practicality and opt for wall shelves to save space. In order to optimize your space as well as possible , call on a specialist in made-to-measure furniture who will be able to offer you solutions that are both trendy and functional.

Tip 9: last step to redo your bathroom yourself, bet on a trendy decor

Sometimes small details can make all the difference! In order to give a last bit of pep to your well-being space, you can have one or more indoor plants, but also a pretty mirror, small storage baskets, frames or even candles for a cocooning atmosphere . We do not forget the towel rack or the towel dryer, practical, clever and design!

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