How to choose your wallpaper?

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Are you planning to install or have wallpaper installed in a bedroom or in living rooms? Today, the choice of models in textures, colors, thickness of paper and patterns is not lacking. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, rather romantic or modern chic, here is an overview of the wallpapers available on the market.

Still, if you want a square pose, you may need to have your wallpaper installed by a professional for a perfect result. Our explanations for choosing your wallpaper, to follow.

Why choose wallpaper as wall covering?

If it was for a time left aside in favor of other wall coverings such as paint or earthenware tiles, it was because wallpaper had become somewhat “outdated” and we certainly remember the trends. 70s and these big patterns and heavy tapestries that no longer fit too much with our more modern interiors.

For a long time, wallpaper from this period was therefore absent from our interiors or replaced by plain paints or more trendy coatings. Today, the style of interior decoration has been refined and the trend is natural. Designers have therefore recently worked on these new trends to offer more modern wallpapers in their colors and patterns but also easier to install and maintain. Today’s wallpapers have nothing to do with those of yesterday and have undergone a revival thanks to new textures.

A coating that provides good protection for the walls that it dresses with elegance and sobriety.

You can consult professionals to study all the models of wallpaper available on the market or go to a specialized store or DIY stores (example: Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Saint-Maclou, etc.) in order to be able to more easily assess the color or texture of the paper before making your choice. You will find that the choice of models is not lacking!

There are also wallpapers that wonderfully imitate all kinds of materials. For example, if your section of wall must be dressed in wood, why not use an imitation wood wallpaper. There are also models recreating the look of natural stone, brick or leather…

The priming papers to sublimate a decoration

For a better hold of a decorative paper and a better grip on the wall support, it may be useful to apply the primer wallpaper beforehand which will allow a better grip of the decorative paper, while erasing the imperfections of a wall. You can then put the wallpaper “ready to put” without fear of unsightly marks and thus having a better fixity.

Even with a more restricted budget for example, you can choose a more expensive paper, if it is only a question of redoing a bedroom. But, if your budget is limited and you are redoing an entire apartment, you will have to compare the prices and calculate how much the renovation of your walls will cost you according to the surfaces to be covered.

Not to be too fair, you will also need to plan a few more rolls even if it means keeping the surplus for future touch-ups.

Attention, if most wallpapers are washable, the flocked velvet wallpaper is dust-proof but not washable. This type of paper will therefore be more suitable for elegantly dressing a bedroom, especially since velvet is a trendy material this year but it should be avoided for hallways or dirtier rooms, since it does not wash.

You will also need to pay attention to the use of glue and the ideal technique for properly installing your wallpaper, a technique which can vary significantly from one wallpaper model to another.

Remember that before choosing the ideal paper for your living rooms, you must carefully observe the quality of your support. Perfectly smooth wall, new surface: the paper to choose will not be the same as on a surface with rough edges and on an older wall. If in doubt, seek professional advice from a specialist .

Wallpapering can be tricky and it’s a job that requires a lot of patience because you have to respect soaking times, remove glue residue with a sponge, etc. The best is of course to call on a professional and if you want to know how much this work can cost you, get several quotes from these specialists because the prices will depend on the services offered, the type of paper chosen and the surfaces to be covered as well as the technical complexities of your parts.

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