Tips To Choose The Best Security Company UAE

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Choosing the right security company in the UAE is an important decision for any business, facility or community. With safety and security threats continuing to pose risks, having reliable and competent security services in place offers protection, deterrence and rapid response.When evaluating security companies in the UAE, there are several key factors to consider so that you select the provider that best fits your needs and budget. This article outlines 10 tips on aspects to research when picking the best security company UAE for your location and operations in the UAE.

1.  Research Industry Experience & Training

An experienced security firm that has operated for many years in the UAE likely has Institutional knowledge and extensive experience regarding the security landscape and environment in the country. They understand local risks, challenges, regulations and nuanced approaches needed to operate safely, legally and effectively here over long periods of time.

In addition, examine the comprehensive training processes and requirements for the company’s security guards and personnel. More extensive and rigorous training that is ongoing generally equates to more professional, reliable and prepared service. Guards should have developed expertise through continuous learning in important areas like access control, emergency response protocols, surveillance systems, nuanced understanding of UAE laws and adopting international best practices for community safety.

2.  Assess Service Offerings & Capability Range

Review the range of security services and offerings available from the provider under consideration. Having diverse capabilities from manned guarding to electronic security, corporate risk management to retail loss prevention allows a single vendor to fulfill multiple needs in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner. For large organizations with complex security requirements across different business units and geographic locations, a broad scope of solutions can streamline operations and centralize vendor management.

For example, a company with offerings solely focused on home security may not meet the requirements for a commercial enterprise with international offices, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and retail stores requiring customized security protocols for each. Seek providers with comprehensive suites spanning physical and electronic security across various industries, from small businesses to multinational corporations, to ensure all current and future security needs can be addressed by a single trusted partner.

3.  Verify Operational Scale & Guard Force Size

What is the current scale and size of the security company’s existing operations within the UAE? Larger providers with abundant resources and guard personnel are able to take on and excel at even city or emirate-wide contracts through their extensive experience managing complex logistics and large teams. Ask questions regarding current number of guards, branch locations, patrol vehicles and clients to gauge operational scope, local footprint and capacity. Requesting details on past projects of similar size and scope can help evaluate if the provider is truly capable of seamlessly supporting your requirements.

Ensuring your provider has sufficient scale and resources inspires confidence in their capabilities to rapidly mobilize and deploy the necessary manpower, equipment and supervision required to safeguard your assets and personnel on a scale matching your own expanding operations. Consider how a larger vendor with proven experience in multi-site management can future-proof your security needs as your business grows.

4. Learn Clientele & Recent Project Examples

Quality security firms will have impressive existing clientele consisting of large multinational companies, government agencies, hotels, banks and other recognized institutions. Review a sample list of current clients to determine if a firm works with other respected organizations like your own.

Also inquire about recent noteworthy security projects the company has handled locally. Varied impressive examples indicate competency across different security needs from infrastructure protection to event security to VIP monitoring.

5. Validate Registrations, Certifications & Licensing

Any security company operating legitimately in the UAE will have proper legally required licensing and documentation from government authorities. This includes trade licenses, general liability insurance, and business registrations.

Validate all licenses and paperwork directly with the applicable UAE regulating body to affirm accuracy and active status. Unregistered firms without proper credentials should raise red flags when considering outsourced security services.

6.Ask About Guard Vetting & Screening Process

Guard force quality and reliability begins with the vetting and recruitment procedures utilized. Comprehensive screening, interviews, aptitude exams, drug tests, medical exams and background checks result in higher caliber personnel.

Inquire into what mechanisms they have to verify identities, past employment and criminal records particularly for expat guards. Rigorous vetting leaves far less room for potential guard misconduct compared to lax controls.

7.Review Equipment & Technology Utilized

While guards provide visible deterrence, modern electronic security solutions also play a key role today. Evaluate equipment the firm uses like surveillance cameras, access control systems, patrol vehicle GPS, license plate recognition, thermal sensors, guard monitoring apps and visitor management software.

Updated technologies provide expanded visibility, proactive notifications, evidence gathering and analytics not possible manually. Having both skilled guards and latest tech ensures robust protection.

8. Compare Pricing Models & Payment Terms

While important, pricing should not be the sole factor as extremely low costs can correlate with underpaid guards and inadequate resources to deliver quality service. Compare pricing by components like monthly fees, one time charges, equipment costs, patrol rates and overtime wages.

Also carefully review payment expectations and terms like upfront deposits, payment frequency, guarantees, bonuses, discounts, penalties and contract breaking fees both for short and long term agreements. Understand any hidden costs and non-obvious charges.

9. Evaluate Account Management & Post-Sales Support

Ongoing support, customer service and account management once a deal closes also deserves attention when selecting from security firms. Issues may arise even with reputable companies that need addressing professionally and urgently by local representatives familiar with your contract specifics.

Learn about their communication standards, escalation contacts, service level agreements and mechanisms for feedback and continuous improvement. Lacking post-sales support introduces further risks when dealing with security incidents.


Taking the time to carefully evaluate security guard agency in UAE based on these tips will assist greatly in identifying the best fit provider for your needs while avoiding vendors apt to underdeliver. Moving forward, narrow down your top considerations, discuss concerns, verify provided information and request client references to make a final fully informed decision backed by diligence.

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