Tips for busy moms who want to have a clean house

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In the bedroom

  • Make the bed as soon as you get up. When the first thing you do in the morning is bed, you will unconsciously increase your productivity .
  • Clean the bedside table every day . Keep wet wipes nearby so you can clean up in seconds when you get up. This way, you’ll prevent any of the chores from piling up until the weekend.

I choose to be a housewife as a life option.

Inspect closets frequently. In each of the cabinets, allocate a place to deposit the objects that your family will no longer use. Then you can give them away or sell them at a thrift store.

Put away the clothes you used during the day. When you pile clothes on a chair, the  cleaning day  will be much longer. Get in the habit of putting away what you’ve used with dirty clothes. Or, put everything in one place in your closet.

In this way, everyone can take care of selecting their dirty clothes in an orderly fashion. Assign an extra basket for items such as curtains and sheets.

Avoid piling up clothes to fold. After washing and drying clothes,  do not fall into the temptation to throw them in a corner and forget about them. You will optimize the time if at the end of each wash cycle you immediately organize the dry clothes.

In the bathroom

Spray a little cleanser after showering. If you take a few minutes to do a little cleaning in the shower, the stains won’t be difficult to remove. Simply apply your cleaning product, let it work and remove it.

Clean the bidet during your nighttime routine. When you brush your teeth  and wash your face, you can take the opportunity to clean up a bit. Use a towel or cloth with disinfectant for quick cleaning.

Put the shelf away before sleeping. With makeup, toiletries and falling hair , the shelf usually turns into an eyesore. To prevent stains from sticking, clean them every night.

In the kitchen

Everyone cleans the utensils they use. If your children are already grown, they should take care to wash their own plates , at least in the morning. In this way, you will avoid that when you arrive home after work, it will be a mess.

teenager doing the dishes

Clean while you cook. The ideal is to share the tasks  with your partner and with your children. So no one will have to be overloaded with household chores. You can also distribute tasks on a rotating basis. In this way, it will be a fairer mission.

Clean the oven after each use. An oven that has been used for several recipes becomes more difficult to clean. It is therefore good to do it immediately. The less time you spend between each cleaning day, the less difficult and time consuming it will be.

Another great tip to keep things out of place and have a tidy home is to have a container for everything. Use drawers for toys, school supplies, toiletries or makeup.

If you have room to organize the family’s belongings, nothing should cause a mess.

Involve your family in cleaning routines. Thus, everyone will learn to take care of their space. They will also understand the importance of having an orderly home. As a team, you should all participate in activities that benefit you all. Home organization shouldn’t be a boring task. You can involve “Keep it Clean” Team to help in your Cleaning Services in Cary & get the perfect help.

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